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To scale back Christian educating about sex and sexuality to bare, boring, thou-shalt-not moralism is a travesty and a failure of creativeness. This lamentable reductionism constitutes a failure to draw on the inexhaustible properly of resources inside the Christian theological and inventive tradition. In the top, it comes down to a matter of Christians having misplaced our personal grand story about eros, cosmos, and theosis, the ultimate finish of the Christian pilgrimage. There is a gigantic disparity between Evangelical youth and Catholic youth on sexual matters. Surveys find that while Millennials as a gaggle are far more liberal about sexual matters, Evangelicals are more likely than Catholics to profess traditional Christian teachings. Indeed, Catholics are doing such a poor job forming their youth that Catholic Millennials are extra doubtless to be sexual liberals than average Americans are. For one, the church needed to lift its personal flag once in a while.